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IHS Markit Global Sector PMI™

IHS Markit

IHS Markit Global Sector PMI™
Nov 2022
  Real Estate continues to lead downturn in activity  

Key findings

  • Financial sectors suffer at start of Q4
  • Basic Materials categories also see production and orders decline
  • Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology leads output growth

The latest S&P Global Sector PMI™ data pointed to a continuation of recent trends at the start of the final quarter of the year. Financial sectors such as Real Estate and Banks saw activity fall sharply, with Basic Materials also under pressure. The main areas of positive performance were Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology and Software & Services.

Tighter monetary policy conditions across much of the world led to ongoing strain in the Real Estate and Banks categories in October. Both saw rapid reductions in both output and new orders. Demand weakness meant that firms operating in these sectors were able to raise their selling prices only modestly, despite steep and accelerated increases in their input costs. In fact, Real Estate posted the fastest rise in input prices of all sectors in October.

The softest rates of cost inflation were in the Metals & Mining and Chemicals sectors. Meanwhile, these Basic Materials categories continued to experience weakening demand conditions, with Forestry & Paper Products in particular posting a steep decline in new orders.

Manufacturers of Construction Materials continued to see output and new orders fall markedly in October, with firms subsequently scaling back their workforce numbers to the greatest extent since June 2020.

The majority of sectors continued to see employment increase, however, with firms often still in the process of rebuilding staffing levels following the pandemic. Of the 21 monitored sectors, 12 recorded higher employment, with the sharpest rise in Software & Services.

Software & Services was one of the main areas of growth in October, seeing activity and new business rise solidly. The fastest rise in output over the month was in Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology, where the rate of expansion hit a four-month high amid the fastest rise in new orders since March.



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  Nov 2022 S&P Global - Global Sector PMI ™ IHS Markit  


The Global Sector PMI data provide corporate planners and decision makers, economic analysts, policy makers and investors with a powerful and unique database with which to monitor business cycles by industry. Sector trends over time can be tracked as well as relative performance between sectors, allowing identification of key growth industries and the drivers within them. The dataset provides monthly indicators of business trends across variables such as output, order books, prices, inventories and employment for eight major groups including: basic materials, consumer goods, consumer services, financials, healthcare, industrials, technology and telecommunication services; and a further 26 sectors and subsectors of those groups.
(source: IHS Markit Global Sector PMI™ Index)



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