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Demand & Supply Chain Management Evolution

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Local Site Lead

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Empresa: Bristol-Myers Squibb
Contrato: PERM
Localización: Madrid, Spain

Site specific procurement ownership with responsibility for strategic through tactical-level execution for designated categories of spend.  Ensure that Business Partner focus is an integral component of Global Procurement interactions.  Scope includes supporting strategy development (demand side role) and Procurement execution (supply side role).  Understand the product lifecycle process, impact on the organization (both short and long term) and knowledge of the global value chain to provide strategic industry insights and identify potential opportunities that may shorten/improve the product lifecycle or integrate opportunities across categories that ultimately lead to a competitive advantage.  This position will facilitate continuous improvement and idea innovation that will enable the Business Partner, Category and Functional Leads to achieve strategic objectives.

Major Responsibilities and Accountabilities:

  • Demand Side Role:
    • Key Stakeholder Management/Business Partner Management:
      • Form a partnership with the Business Partners on-site sharing the ownership and accountability for agreed upon deliverables
      • Work with Global Category Leads assuring proper information is shared and leverage across geographies. 
      • Gain Business Partner buy-in for the Category Plan
      • Manage all appropriate key stakeholder relationships to ensure Category Team objectives are met
  • Supplier Management:
    • Develop a preferred supplier list for each category of spend and manage compliance to the preferred supplier list using the BMS Supplier Management methodology
  • Performance Tracking and Reporting:
    • Ensure mandatory program Category Team KPI’s are built and reported locally and globally and manage the reporting process
    • Ensure metrics are properly approved and reported regularly
    • Validate any promised compliance reports are built and reported on time (as appropriate)
  • Supply Side Role:
    • Procurement:
      • Establish site specific procurement plans in line with category strategies and make decisions necessary to purchase goods and services in congruence with organizational objectives and sourcing strategies. 
      • Review procurement requisitions in accordance with organizational requirements and budgetary constraints. 
      • Perform cost benefit analysis on planned acquisitions. 
      • Develop and review specifications, statements of work, performance terms, and/or acceptance criteria. 
      • Locate and select potential sources of materials and/or services. 
      • Solicit competitive bids, quotations and proposals with pertinent specifications, terms and conditions. 
      • Evaluate competitive offerings to determine the overall best offer for goods or services. 
        • Negotiate contracts and purchase orders and obtain legal review and approval when required. 
        • Expedite complex deliveries and conduct follow-up procedures when necessary. 
        • Resolve complex contract and purchase order differences with suppliers. 
        • Resolve complex payment problems with supplier and user departments. 
        • Review and revise procurement practices to ensure their conformance with established laws. 
        • Manage files of agreements, equipment records and/or specifications.
  • Supplier Relationship Management:
    • Develop, evaluate or manage internal and external relationships with suppliers, cross-functional and/or multi-functional teams with regard to the following:
    • Review supplier samples and/or demonstrations with the buying organization management and user departments. 
    • Manage and develop lists of recommended sources.
    • Conduct supplier visits and evaluations to determine suitability. 
    • Measure supplier performance using rating systems or predetermined standards. 
    • Prepare for and develop strategies and tactics for negotiations. 
    • Conduct negotiations with potential or current suppliers to obtain maximum value.
    • Resolve quality problems with suppliers and user departments and develop measurements for quality improvement and target setting. 
    • Recommend or implement changes to the organization’s procurement, supply management and material usage policies and provide training as needed. 
    • Utilize techniques such as supplier partnerships, strategic alliances, supply chain management and supplier training programs. 
    • Review product availability and/or pricing information with suppliers. 
    • Conduct interviews with current and prospective supplier sales personnel. 
    • Coordinate, review and respond to supplier inquiries, protests and appeals. 
  • Sourcing & Technology:
    • Implement or maintain a computerized procurement system of specifications, suppliers, goods/services, a computerized inventory and/or capital equipment tracking system.
    • Conduct decisions to “make, buy or lease” privatize or outsource goods or services. 
    • Develop financing and leveraging strategies. 
  • Forecasting & Strategies:
    • Represent the buying organization in meetings with corporations, government agencies, professional associations, media and other organizations.
    • Develop or implement a local process improvement program. 
    • Develop a cost reduction, cost avoidance, cost containment program. 
    • Coordinate the introduction of new and modified goods and services with appropriate departments.
    • Plan local procurement, sourcing and supply strategies based on forecasted data. 
    • Develop supply plans and strategies based on forecasts of future demand. 
    • Provide forecasted data of future organization buying requirements to suppliers. 
    • Develop and maintain market awareness through merchandise shows, trade periodicals and other resources to secure new products and pricing information. 
    • Provide data on current and future market conditions to management, sales management and/or user departments.
  • Management & Organization:
    • Develop local goals and objectives of procurement department aligned to organizational goals. 
    • Plan, develop or provide operating policies, guidelines and procedures. 
    • Prepare periodic reports of department activities for senior management and other areas of the organization. 
    • Analyze and resolve issues raised in procurement audit reports. 
    • Develop or utilize criteria for evaluating procurement department performance. 
    • Prepare and/or administer a procurement department budget. 
    • Design, modify and/or manage operational forms (paper and/or electronic). 
    • Evaluate procurement staff performance.
    • Conduct or authorize job training for the development of the professional competence of the staff.

Reports to: Regional Site Lead

Internal/External Stakeholders:

  • Business unit specific leadership teams
  • Supplier executive management
  • Members of industry; technology councils and organizations


Minimum Requirements:

  • B. S./B. A.
  • Minimum 6-8 years of business experience
  • Minimum of 5-7 years of multi-disciplined procurement experience
  • Managerial experience including managing teams of senior professional and managers and establishing performance expectations
  • Internal customer relationship management, data/information management, category team management, process redesign and continuous improvement expertise, project management and performance measurement skills
  • Procurement process knowledge, agreement management, financial analysis, market analysis, supplier analysis, supplier diversity, supplier management, technology utilization, strategic planning and integrated supply chain experience
  • Fluent in Spanish and English

Preferred Qualifications:

  • M.S./M.B.A.
  • Professional certifications (e.g. CPM, CPIM).
  • Experience leading and participating on cross-functional and/or global teams
  • Pharmaceutical Procurement experience
  • Membership in Professional Associations, e.g. ISM

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